What is Pre-authorization ?

All reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card at time of booking.  Park 22 hotel Chinatown reserves the right to either charge or pre-authorize the provided credit cards up to the full reservation amount at point of reservation.  Non-valid credit cards will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation. 
Park 22 hotel Chinatown also reserves the right to collect, through pre-authorization, at least S$ 100 per room as deposit for incidentals or damage.  
What is Pre-Authorization?
To adhere to proper card acceptance and validation norms defined by credit card associations, all hotels are required to pre-authorize - or separately, charge - all provided credit cards.  A pre-authorization will place the pre-authorized amount in a holding-state and temporarily reduce one's credit card limit, but it is NOT a transaction charge and will not be reflected in one's credit card statement.  Depending on one's credit card bank's set up, the pre-authorized amount will drop off typically after 14 days. 
For assurance, Guests whose credit cards have been pre-authorized are encouraged to check with their respective credit card bank to:
- Confirm the above understanding of pre-authorization;
- Confirm that a pre-authorization - and NOT a charge - has been performed; and
- Affirm the pre-authorized amount and when it will drop off as scheduled.

Credit Card Authorisation Form

The same credit card MUST be presented to hotel staff at the time of check-in, along with a valid photo ID with matches the name on the credit card.
If you are making this reservation(s) for a 3rd party, please print Credit Card Authorisation Form . You must complete and submit the duly signed form together with the additional documents required - as stated on the form - in order to complete your reservation.

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